Venue – Unesco Wold Heritage Site “Lorsch Abbey”

The venue of the ArchEyeAutomatic Summerschool will be the famous Lorsch Abbey in the nice city of Lorsch, roughly situated between Heidelberg and Frankfurt. It is especially famous for the so called “King’s Hall”, one of the best preserved carolingian buildings in Germany and one of it’s kind.

Lorsch Abbey is well suited for the practical focus of the summerschool, offering a high variety of objects for documentation, i.e. from buildings to small artefacts.

Lorsch has several accomodation possibilities. We recommend the Hotel Jäger or the Karolinger Hof. But there are also private acommodations, see here (in German)

For further information on the city see here

The postal address is:
UNESCO-Welterbe Kloster Lorsch
Nibelungenstraße 32 | 64653 Lorsch
Tel: +49 (0)62 51-5 14 46
Fax +49 (0)62 51-58 71 40