Heidelberg Center for Motion Research

The HCMR is an interdisciplinary center for motion research and is funded by the Carl Zeiss Foundation as part of the program to strengthen research structures. In addition to the mathematical and methodological foundations of movement studies, the research topics dealt with at the HCMR also include the connection between movement, psyche, cognition and body or motion studies in sports. In addition, the participating scientists address special topics such as motion learning and the change of movement over the life cycle, movement stability, motions in dance & arts or motions at the workplace.

The centre consists of Heidelberg University members from seven faculties (Faculty of Mathematics & Computer Science, Faculty of Behavioural and Cultural Studies, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Physics & Astronomy, both Medical Faculties, Faculty of Theology), from three central scientific institutions of the university (Institute of Computer Engineering, Interdisciplinary Centre for Scientific Computing, Heidelberg Collaboratory for Image Processing) as well as from neighboring universities (Faculty of Therapeutic Sciences of SRH University of Applied Sciences Heidelberg).

If you would like to cooperate with the HCMR, please contact us.