Modeling, Optimization and Control of Mechanical Systems

WS 2016/17
  • Tuesday & Thursday 9:15 – 10:45
  • starting Oct 18, 2016
  • Mathematikon INF 205, Seminar room C, ground floor
Programming exercises
  • time of exercises t.b.d in first lecture
  • CIP-Pool, Mathematikon
  • Silvan Lindner
    silvan.lindner (at)
Objectives of lecture:
  • To give an application oriented introduction to modeling, optimization and control of mechanical systems with a focus on complex multibody systems in robotics and biomechanics.
  • To introduce computational tools to perform these tasks and apply them to examples in the computer exercises.

While the lecture focuses on the theoretical and mathematical foundations of the field, the computer exercises serve to teach the usage of software tools for modeling, visualization, simulation and optimal control treating different example problems.

  • Dynamic process modeling
  • Mechanical basics, kinematics, dynamics
  • Multibody system modeling
  • Simulation of motions
  • Nonlinear optimization
  • Direct methods for optimal control problems
  • Elementary control principles
  • Basics of system dynamics
  • Open-loop and closed loop control of motions
  • Modeling human-like walking and running motions
  • Modeling locomotion of humanoid and bipedall robots
  • Stability of motions
Contents of the computer exercises:
  • Simulation and visualization of mechanical systems
  • Modeling multibody system with RBDL (Rigid Body Dynamics Library)
  • Implementation and solution of optimal control problems with MUSCOD-II for different mechanical example systems.
Planned lecture topics in WS 2016/17:


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Nov 3, 2016
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Introduction & overview
Research topics in ORB / thesis topics
Dynamic process modeling
Modeling mechanical systems 1
Modeling mechanical systems 2
Multibody kinematics 1
Multibody kinematics 2
Multibody dynamics 1
Multibody dynamics 2