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Humanoid Robot
The French-German-Japanese Conference
on Humanoid and Legged Robots,

will be held in:

Heidelberg, 12 - 14 May 2014

Scope of the conference

The construction of humanoid and bipedal robots based on humans and legged animals, is a complex, interdisciplinary and rapidly evolving research field. There are diverse scientific challenges in designing a robot that can walk, run, jump, and move in a robust manner similar to its biological counterpart. Technical applications of such robots are expected in the near future in fields ranging from service robotics (households, public or industrial environments, hazardous sites) to medical robotics (neuro-prosthetics, exo-skeletons etc).

This conference aims to bring together leading researchers from France, Germany and Japan to hold technical talks and discussions on the topics related to Humanoid and Legged Robots.

List of conference topics:

  • Locomotion of humanoid robots on varying terrains
  • Manipulation and grasping for humanoid robots
  • Cognitive skills for humanoid robots
  • Walking models (biological & human) for robots
  • Stability analysis and Robustness of robot motion
  • Efficient control algorithms for robot motions
  • Compliance for walking robots and humanoid robots
  • Modeling in robotics - model reduction/simplification
  • Simulation- and optimization methods for walking and humanoid robots
  • New technologies for actuation and sensor-systems

HLR 2014 is the follow-up of three successful French-German HLR Conferences in Karlsruhe in 2006, in Paris in 2011 and in Metz 2004

HLR 2014 is divided in two parts:

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