Work plan

The Work in KoroiBot is split in eight scientific work packages:

WP1   –   Human walking experiments, human and humanoid reference models and motion transfer laws  (T. Asfour, KIT)
WP2   –   Walking alphabet and grammar based on motion primitives and their combinations (M. Giese, University of Tübingen)
WP3   –   Optimization and learning of whole-body walking motions of humanoid robots on level ground (K. Mombaur, University of Heidelberg)
WP4   –   Optimization and learning of constrained and goal-directed walking motions of humanoids (P. Souères, LAAS-CNRS)
WP5   –   Nonlinear model predictive control and online learning of whole-body walking motions (H. Valery, TU Delft)
WP6   –   Optimization strategies for large perturbation recovery in humanoid robots (T. Asfour, KIT)
WP7   –   Spatial recognition, scene interpretation & action selection (F. Nori, IIT)
WP8   –   Integration, demonstration and performance evaluation (A. Kheddar, LIRMM-CNRS)

WP 9 ist dedicated to Management, and WP 10 to Dissemination & Exploitation (both lead by K. Mombaur, University of Heidelberg).