Neuromechanics Mailing List

It is a pleasure to announce the setting up of a neuromechanics mailing list.

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Emails to list subscribers can be sent by messaging :

Please share the mailing list information with other researchers who may be interested in keeping up to date with neuromechanics research!

Symposium Proceedings

procThe proceedings from the Neuromechanics 2016 symposium containing speaker biographies, poster abstracts and a summary of the discussion round is now available online.

The document in pdf format may be download from [~20mb]:


Please get in touch at neuromechanics2016 [at] in case any corrections are required in the proceedings document.

Group Photos from Neuromechanics 2016

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Neuromechanics 2016 symposium, and contributed to the vibrant atmosphere and interesting scientific discussions. Here are some of the group photos take at the symposium venue on October 5th.


The “News & Updates” page

The “News & Updates” part of this website has been setup to announce developments related to the Neuromechanics 2016 symposium, and, other related events that may be of interest to the participants.

Please keep an eye on this page for further updates. For your convenience, a mailing list / RSS feed will be announced soon.