Humanoids-Workshops on Benchmarking and Exoskeleton Design

Katja Mombaur is co-organizing the workshop “Benchmarking: the next challenge in Humanoid Robotics Research” at Humanoids 2017 in Birmingham, UK, together with D. Torricelli and N. Tsagarakis.

Katja Mombaur and Manish Sreenivasa are co-organizing the workshop „Exoskeleton design through optimization and adaptive control“ at Humanoids 2017 in Birmingham, UK, together with T. Petri and J. Babič.

Congratulations to Alex Schubert!

Congratulations to Alex Schubert!

Alex Schubert has successfully defended his interdisciplinary PhD thesis in Mathematics. His thesis has the title “An optimal control based analysis of human action painting motions”. Congratulations, Alex!

Welcome Ayaka Yamada!

Welcome to Ayaka Yamada, a visiting PhD student from the Nakamura lab at the University of Tokyo. Ayaka will stay for six month in the ORB research group to include optimal control into her studies on human motions on the pommel horse.

Congratulations to Khai-Long Ho-Hoang!

Congratulations to Khai-Long Ho-Hoang who successfully passed his doctoral exam! His interdisciplinary PhD project in Computer Science had the title “Model-based optimization for the analysis of human movement and the design of rehabilitation devices”.

Congratulations Yue Hu!

Yue Hu has successfully passed her doctoral exam. Congratulations, Yue! Her interdisciplinary PhD project in Computer Science had the title “The role of compliance in humans and humanoid robots locomotion “.

ORB has moved to ZITI!

The ORB research group is now officially part of the Institute of Computer Engineering (ZITI) of Heidelberg University. We remain members of the Interdiscplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR) as external research group. Our new postal adress is:

Prof. Dr. Katja Mombaur
Chair Optimization, Robotics and Biomechanics (ORB)
Institute of Computer Engineering (ZITI)
University of Heidelberg
Berliner Str. 45
69120 Heidelberg

Prof. Dr. Katja Mombaur
Lehrstuhl Optimierung, Robotik und Biomechanik
Institut für Technische Informatik (ZITI)
Universität Heidelberg
ML 100, 3. Stock
Berliner Str. 45