Heidelberg Center for Motion Research

The HCMR is a interdisciplinary center for motion research and is funded as part of the program for improving research structure by the Carl-Zeiss-Fundation. Research topics, investigated at the HCMR, are despite the mathematical and methodical fundamentals of motion studies the connection between movement, psyche, cognition and body. Participating scientists will also be dealing with the analysis of motions of elderly people, motions at the workspace or dance therapy.

Members of seven faculties of the university are part of the center: Faculty for Mathematics & Informatics, Faculty of Behavioral and Cultural Studies, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty for Physics & Astronomy, Medical Faculty, Theological Faculty and the Faculty of Therapy Science at the SRH Hochschule Heidelberg.

Additionally, there exists a close connection to the Marsilius-Kolleg of the University, at which most members of the center have already conducted research together.

External partnerships  could already be established with the dance company Nanine Linning, the German Cycling Federation (Bund Deutscher Radfahrer e.V.), the German Weightlifting Federation (Bundesverband Deutscher Gewichtheber e. V.) and various SMEs dealing with sensors. If you would like to work together with the HCMR, feel free to get in touch with us.

For more Information please visit http://orb.iwr.uni-heidelberg.de/hcmr/

The HCMR has four several measurement devices to capture human motions:

EMG Noraxon DTS
Our surface EMG System consists of 16 channels and measures EMG data with up to 3000Hz.

Xsens MVN BIOMECH Awinda The Xsens Awinda is an IMU-based motion capture system. The sensors record angular velocity and linear acceleration and MVN software reconstructs the motion. Therefore this system does not relay on a capture volume. The subject is equipped with up to 17 sensors that work with a frequency of 60Hz and an accuracy  of few degrees and centimeters.

Qualisys Motion Capture System
This marker-based motion capture system allows us to reconsturct marker positions inside a capture volume. The subject is equipped with up to 50 infrared refelctive markers. Our camera system consists of 10 Qualisys 5+ cameras and covers a volume of 6m * 3m * 2m. Inside this volume the marker positions are recorded with a rate of up to 150Hz and a marker precision of 1mm. From this data the motion can be reconstructed.

Force Plate Bertec FP4060*08*2000
We have two forceplates that can be monted in 4 different spots on the floor. Each plate measures a 3D force vector and ground moments.