Model-based Optimization for Robotics

IEEE RAS Technical Committee

Special Issues

Special Issue "Optimization used in Robotics Research" (editors: Kensuke Harada and Yuichi Tazaki) in the Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan, July 2014

Special Issue "Whole body control of contacts and dynamics for humanoid robots", (editors: Serena Ivaldi, Jan Babic, Michael Mistry, Robin Murphy), Autonomous Robots, 2015.

Special Issue on "Human-like bipedal locomotion: the role of optimization, learning and motor primitives", Robotics and Autonomous Systems, (editors: Katja Mombaur, Diego Torricelli), 2017

Special Issue on Movement Science for Humans and Humanoids, IEEE Transactions of Robotics (editors: Dana Kulic, Gentiane Veture, Katsu Yamane, Emel Demircan, Katja Mombaur), 2016

Call for Papers 

Special Issue "Assessing Human and Human-like Walking: : towards replicable benchmarks for robotic and robot-assisted locomotion" in Frontiers in Neuroscience (editors: Diego Torricelli, Jan Veneman, Jose Gonzalez-Vargas, Katja Mombaur, C. David Remy), Deadline Sept 30, 2017